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Our Affordable Tampa DUI Attorneys in Tampa, Florida can help defend you against Felony, Misdemeanor and a multitude of offenses. Our Team of experienced Affordable DUI Lawyers are dedicated by offering our client’s reasonable low cost cheap attorney fees. Our Criminal Defense DUI attorneys in Tampa, Florida deal with DUI, Felony and Misdemeanor offenses in their everyday practice. Our Affordable DUI Lawyers have the knowledge and experience to defend your DUI.


Many Lawyers on our team have experience in both Criminal Defense, Federal Crime and also the prosecuting side of criminal defense cases. Our affordable DUI attorneys have the experience and knowledge to prepare a solid DUI criminal defense on your behalf.


Our Affordable DUI Attorneys and Criminal Defense Lawyers understand that a DUI charge is a serious offense in Tampa, Florida. You will need to defend it properly without delay, waiting can only make matters worse giving a DUI lawyer less time to prepare a solid defense. Our experienced DUI Lawyers will work diligently to make sure you get the best possible outcome from the criminal charges you face. Our primary goal is to beat the DUI charges all together but depending on the severity of the DUI charges you may be facing the more time our lawyers will need to prepare and build a good defense on your behalf. Even minor misdemeanor offenses can bring sever outcomes if not defended properly so time is of the essence. Contact our Tampa Criminal Defies Attorney today for a free one on one consultation.


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In Florida, a DUI is actually two cases occurring at once. The first is the Criminal Case that most of us think of, involving the State Attorney and a judge at the court house. The second often gets ignored, and is against the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This second case comes out of the fact that as soon as someone is charged with DUI, the DMV suspends their license. That suspension initiates an Administrative Law Case that has penalties and consequences above and beyond any potential criminal penalties.


If you are ever charged with a DUI, the DMV automatically suspends your license for 6 months to a year.

If you consented to the breathalyzer, the suspension is for six months; if you refused the breathalyzer, the suspension is for a year. Once you are arrested or cited for DUI, your license is confiscated and you have ten (10) days to request an Administrative Hearing to challenge this suspension. During that ten day period, your DUI citation actually serves your driver's license. If you do not request the Administrative hearing during those ten days, the suspension will take effect, and there will be nothing you can do to reverse it.


DUI Administrative Hearing | Affordable Tampa DUI Attorney

At the Administrative Hearing, in order to uphold the suspension, the Department only has to establish Probable Cause to believe that you were either in control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant, or that you refused to take a breathalyzer test after being properly requested to do so. Probable Cause is a very low threshold, nowhere near "beyond a reasonable doubt". The Hearing Officer's job is to determine whether or not law enforcement had a good reason to believe you were under the influence...not a rock solid reason, just a good one. It is a very low threshold of proof. However, there are a number very good reasons to go through the process.

First of all, requesting the hearing will probably get you a permit that allows you to keep driving for business purposes. This will give you time to make arrangements for the possibility that you may have to go a period of time without being able to drive. If you do win the hearing, your driving privileges will be reinstated. If, however, the suspension is upheld (or if you don't request the hearing at all), you will have to sign up for DUI School and go a period of time before another Hardship License will be issued (30 days if you took the breathalyzer, and 90 days if you refused).

Chances are you weren't planning on losing your license the night you got arrested, and will need more than 10 days to figure out how you are going to get to work for the next month to a year. Requesting the Administrative Hearing usually gets you a driving permit and gives you time to prepare for the possibility that you will not be able to drive for a while.


Driving on a DUI suspended License | DUI Defense Attorney Tampa

THE LAST THING YOU EVER WANT IS TO BE CHARGED WITH DRIVING ON A DUI SUSPENDED LICENSE; that is a good way to get a reservation at the Sheriff's County Resort (jail).

Second, you are entitled to much of the same Discovery (police reports, etc.) in the Administrative Case as you are in the Criminal case. The Administrative Hearing almost always occurs much faster than the Criminal Case will progress. Therefore, you can often get the basic Discovery quicker by going through the Administrative Hearing. It's the same reports you are going to get in the Criminal Case, but a head start is rarely a bad thing. In preparing for your Administrative Hearing, your attorney will be developing some of the same defenses he or she hopes to use to defend the criminal charges.


Affordable Tampa DUI Attorney | Take advantage of the Administrative Hearing process

Most importantly, you, or your attorney get a chance to question the officers involved in the Criminal Case on the record, and usually without the State Attorney present. Law enforcement is trained on how to write a police report to establish probable cause. Usually, that is all the information in a police report...the bare facts that make the arrest sound as solid as possible. If you request and Administrative Hearing, you can subpoena the officers involved and ask them questions about the DUI investigation.

This is usually where attorneys establish the basis to challenge the traffic stop and other evidence allegedly collected by the police officer. The State Attorney is notified of the hearing, but I have never seen one show up. So, the officer is under oath, on the record, and isn't being protected by a prosecuting attorney.

Remember, you primary goal is to protect yourself both on the road and in all legal matters. When it comes to defending a DUI, the best way to protect yourself is to take advantage of the Administrative Hearing process.


Don’t Hesitate, our Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyer, low cost DUI Attorney can help if facing Felony, Misdemeanor, DUI, and even minor and sever traffic Charges in Florida. Our DUI Attorneys in Tampa, Florida offer Low Cost DUI and Criminal Defense. If you were arrested and charged with a DUI or any serious offense time can be crucial, our experienced criminal defense attorney can defend your DUI today. Contact Affordable Legal Team Firm today for a free case evaluation.


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