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When you need a experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tampa on your side, Affordable Legal Team offers low cost Lawyer Defense fees without sacrificing quality or experience. When it comes to legal matters our Criminal Defense Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help with any legal matter. Our Attorneys defend Felony, Misdemeanor and petit theft crimes on a daily basis and also defend against more serious crimes such as Grand Theft, Corporate crime, Burglary etc. No matter the severity our criminal defense attorneys have the experience to take on your case.


The benefits of having a strong Criminal Defense Team on your side can mean a world of difference in the outcome of your case. Even minor infractions can lead to very harsh consequences if not represented by a knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney who can build a strong defense. Affordable Law Group offers a free consultation and case evaluation, Our Attorneys will explain everything how the best course of action, pricing and unknown details that can be pertinent to your Defense. Time is a valuable tool when building a solid defense, if you have been charged with a crime in Tampa Florida contact our Criminal Defense Attorney today.


Civil Infraction | Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney

This is behavior that is considered to be an actual crime, but it is charge administered by that particular state. It’s rather like a ticket for doing something wrong, like a noise violation and is usually reviewed by a judge in an extremely short hearing.

An individual that has been detained by a police officer can be given a citation for a civil infraction or be actually taken into custody for: a petty crime, a misdemeanor, a felony.

An individual also may not be taken into custody until after the police scrutinize all the facts and evidence of the case to determine a crime has been committed. In addition, a person can be taken into custody by a warrant, where a judge issues a reason for that person’s arrest. If the police deem the infraction serious enough, they will often attempt to physically track down that person.


Petty Offense | Criminal Defense Attorneys Tampa

This can be a crime or more along the lines of a civil infraction. In most cases, the punitive action is a fine, but if there are any questions as the nature of this action, an attorney should review the case.


Misdemeanor | Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyer

This type of behavior is certainly a criminal offense and if a party is find guilty of the committing the act, they will possess a criminal record.

Punitive actions include:

  • Probation

  • Time in jail or prison

  • Revocation or suspension of a person’s driving privileges

  • Financial remuneration


How Significant is a Felony?

This is the most serious crime of any action that can be considered an offense and carries the stiffest penalties.


How Can a Person tell the Details of an Infraction vs a Crime?

Infractions consist of:

  • Speeding

  • Failure to Yield

  • Not stopping at a stop sign

Traffic violations, however, can also be misdemeanors or criminal acts. Their penalties include possession of a criminal record and fines, in addition to points on a person’s drivers’ license.

The simplest way to deduce what type of action you have received a ticket for and what steps you must take to resolve it, scrutinize the ticket carefully to see if it requires you to appear in court or if you can simply mail in a check to pay a fine. If you need to go to court, the action is certainly of a more serious nature.


Are the Charges the Same For a Misdemeanor and Felony?

No they are not. In the case of a misdemeanor a party:

  • Does not have the right to a grand jury trial

  • And does not have to have an attorney if the sentence carries no jail time

  • The juries also tend to be smaller

All other rights are exactly the same for both crimes.


Do I Have To Be Arrested To Know If I Committed A Crime?

If you think this is a possibility, you should have an attorney contact the appropriate officials to deduce this or carry out the act yourself. In many cases, individuals do not realize they might have a warrant out for their arrest until they are stopped for a traffic issue. That is when the police will determine if that person should be immediately arrested.


If I Am Arrested What is the Process? | Affordable Criminal Defense

When a person is taken into custody, they are processed by the police. This includes verifying a person’s statistical and physical data, such as identification and residence specifics. They will then be photographed and fingerprinted, have their background checked and searched for any contraband items or further evidence.


When Do I Call an Affordable Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer?

As soon as you are charged with an actual crime it is best to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Tampa will work hard and fast on your behalf if you are facing a serious Felony or Misdemeanor offense. We offer affordable attorney fees and will put together a defense that can will give you the best advantage to reduce sentencing and charges. Depending on severity of the crime outcomes vary but with enough time our Tampa Criminal Defense Attorneys will fight for the best possible outcome.


Call Affordable Legal Team Today at 727-252-8158 to schedule a free consultation. Regardless of the Charges you may face we can help, our Affordable Criminal Defense Law Firm is conveniently located in Tampa Florida.

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