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Our Affordable Criminal Defense DUI Attorneys knows that crimes are not taken lightly and explain how our criminal defense attorneys inTampa, Florida can help you. There is always a chance you could wind up in jail for any DUI or criminal charges placed against you. If you need an Affordable DUI Attorney or have a criminal legal matter you will need a good criminal defense lawyer if you want a fighting chance to have your criminal charges reduced or even dismissed.


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Our knowledgeable Affordable criminal defense lawyer will try to keep your case from going to a trial whenever possible. When a trial is needed you want an experienced defense lawyer who has been there hundreds of times.

When facing a Florida prosecuting attorney for DUI or other ciminal defense legal issue, you will want a skilled attorney who is on your side to represent you and fight for your rights.

Our senior Tampa criminal defense attorney has over 20 years of experience and was also a prior prosecuting attorney in the State of Florida. When you need legal help Affordable Legal Team can help when facing the legal system.


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Remember, your freedom is at stake. If you are convicted of a crime in the state of Florida and it could bring years in jail and hefty fines. You do not want to take any chances with a lesser experienced DUI criminal defense lawyer in Florida.

Our criminal defense Lawyers offer low cost cheap legal fees through our Affordable Attorney Network starting from $999 for misdemeanor and 1st time offenses. This is depending on the severity of the charges. More complex cases, felony criminal defense and or 2nd or 3rd DUI offenses can start from $1999. Contact one of our Affordable DUI Criminal Defense Attorney in Tampa Florida to receive an exact quote and free Criminal Defense Attorney consultation.


The benefits of having a strong Criminal Defense Team, Our Attorneys can Help!

The benefits of having a strong Criminal Defense Team on your side in Tampa, FL can mean a world of difference in the outcome of your case. Even minor infractions can lead to very harsh consequences if not represented by a knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney that can build a strong criminal defense. Affordable Legal Team offers a free consultation and case evaluation, Our Attorneys will explain everything by going over our pricing structure including the best course of action and unknown details that can be pertinent to your Criminal Defense case. Time is a valuable tool when building a solid defense on your behalf, if you have been charged with a crime in Tampa, Florida contact our Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney today.


Affordable DUI Attorney Help in Tampa Florida is Available!

In Florida, a DUI is actually two cases occurring at once. The first is the Criminal Case that most of us think of, involving the State Attorney and a judge at the court house. The second often gets ignored, and is against the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This second case comes out of the fact that as soon as someone is charged with DUI, the DMV suspends their license. That suspension initiates an Administrative Law Case that has penalties and consequences above and beyond any potential criminal penalties.


If you need an experienced Affordable DUI Lawyer or Criminal Defense Attorney in Tampa Florida call us today to schedule a free Attorney Consultation, or visit our Google Plus Business Page to learn more about affordable Legal Team.



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