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Affordable Legal Team operates as a traditional law firm and also as a network of affiliated attorneys committed to bringing those having legal needs quality legal representation at affordable prices.

We do this by statewide by working as a tightly knit group of attorneys that shares legal costs and resources. Each attorney within our affiliates group is dedicated to the area of law in which the client requires representation and operates their own firm.


Therefore, that attorney is your attorney for your particular matter. Affordable Legal Team assists that attorney in marketing, legal consultation and research and disputes between attorney and client. In many ways this is the same way that state attorney’s offices and insurance companies assist each other in prosecuting or defending their case against you to strengthen their position in that matter.


Benefits of using Affordable Legal Team

Affordable Legal Team benefits you by giving your attorney access to our decades worth of resources, collective knowledge and experience in real time so that your opponent is up against a much stronger team that is working together to protect you and succeed in your matter. Unlike a situation where a solo practitioner or small firm faces obstacles in obtaining assistance or advice from other attorneys that often are unwilling to help because your lawyer is viewed as a competitor in the marketplace.

Affordable Legal Team’s associates and affiliates work together to give each other legal documents and pleadings, legal research and case law and current advice on the status of the law, the attorneys on the other side and the judges in your particular location and type of matter.


Experience and Knowledge

Furthermore, in some instances, legal motion, hearing coverage and even trial support are provided by Affordable Legal Team’s experienced trial attorneys provided those services have been addressed in your particular agreement for representation.

Affordable Legal Team associate attorneys and affiliate lawyers and firms are personally chosen by our founder and CEO, Douglas J. Barnard, Esq. based upon their experience, knowledge and track record in their particular area of practice and equally as important their motivation, client sensitivity and communication skills and willingness to be part of our legal team and the high standards associated therewith, including most importantly putting the client first ahead of even their own schedules or needs.


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