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DUI Traffic Stop

Things to Remember During Every DUI Traffic Stop

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Our Affordable DUI attorneys in Florida have put together 11 very import things to remember during a DUI traffic stop.


Florida DUI traffic stop | Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Remember, This Is A Criminal Investigation. The officer is going to ask you questions and look around your car. He is spending the entire time trying to establish probable cause for an arrest.

  • Know where your documents are. Fumbling for your license or insurance card could be seen as a sign of impairment.

  • Be Polite. Don’t challenge the officer in any way. If you are rude to the officer, he will not give you the benefit of any doubt. Being rude or argumentative can be seen as a sign of impairment.

  • Be Brief. When answering questions, don’t talk too much. Being over chatty, or overly friendly can be seen as a sign of impairment.

  • Remember, This Is A Criminal Investigation. Regardless of why you were stopped, the officer is conducting a criminal investigation from the moment he starts following you. If you have been drinking, he will notice the smell of alcohol because he is looking for it. If you admit to drinking, he is justified in conducting a full DUI investigation. Every question the officer asks is designed to establish probable cause to arrest you.

  • Ask Why You Were Stopped. When the officer approaches you window, ask why you were stopped. Quite often, the entire traffic stop will be recorded. If the officer gives you a different reason for the traffic stop from the reason he later writes in his report, the discrepancy may be able to be used against him by your attorney.

  • Don’t repeat yourself. Answer the questions you are asked, but don’t keep making the same statements. Similarly, if you ask a question, don’t repeat it, regardless of whether the officer provided an answer or not. Repeating yourself can be seen as a sign of impairment.

  • Be Consistent. The officer may ask you a question you already answered, especially about whether you were drinking or how much you had to drink. If your answer changes, the discrepancy will be seen as a sign of impairment.

  • Ask “Do I Have To”. If the officer asks you to step out of the car, or to perform Sobriety Exercises, ask if you have to. You don’t. If the officer tells you that you do, and you don’t perform well on the tests, your attorney may be able to have the tests suppressed.

  • Know If You Will Do Sobriety Exercises. Be prepared for the officer to ask you to perform Sobriety Tests. If you say no, give him a reason, back or leg injuries, general lack of coordination, etc.

  • Remember, This Is A Criminal Investigation. Every question is designed to establish probable cause. The officer is not there to “Protect and Serve” you… he is there to determine if he needs to “Protect and Serve” the rest of us by arresting you.


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