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Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Ft Lauderdale

Criminal Defense Attorney Ft Lauderdale Florida

Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale and Miami are unique areas of the country because there are so many different nationalities and customs, making affordable criminal defense a specialized area of the law. Recently the US Government said that South Florida leads the nation in identity theft, yet the most common charges in Fort Lauderdale include drugs, DUI, theft, and domestic violence.

Attorney Mark Lowry has defended all types of crimes, as both a misdemeanor and felony line prosecutor and currently a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale, serving Miami and South Florida areas.


Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Mark Lowry has the experience and knowledge to defend your criminal allegations in Fort Lauderdale immediately.

  • Abuse of Children Child Pornography Homicide
  • Abuse of Elders Computer Crimes Kidnapping
  • Adultery Criminal Mischief Lewdness
  • Affrays & Riots Defamation & Libel Obstruction of Justice
  • Animal Abuse Disorderly Conduct Perjury
  • Arson Domestic Violence Poisons
  • Assault & Battery Drugs Prostitution
  • Bigamy & Incest DUI Resisting Arrest
  • Bribery Forgery Sexual Battery
  • Burglary & Trespass Gambling Theft & Robbery
  • Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense


Experienced Criminal Defense in Fort Lauderdale

The consequences of being charged with a crime in Fort Lauderdale and Miami very much depend on which county the crime allegedly occurred in. For instance, because Miami courts are so busy with the thousands of cases they see each month, the prosecutor’s office is more likely to offer a better deal to move the case, versus being charged farther north in South Florida.

The further north you go up the coast of Florida, the population gets smaller, meaning there are less criminal defense cases in each county. When there are less cases to deal with, the prosecutor is less likely to give a great offer because he or she doesn’t need to get cases off their desk, and will prosecute them with more interest. OF COURSE, Mr. Lowry’s goal is not to simply get the best offer or sentence possible, but to BEAT THE CASE OUTRIGHT.


Our Low Cost Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorneys

Mr. Lowry has the experience as both a former criminal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. Mr. Lowry can properly litigate your criminal matter to get the best outcome possible.

Should the case need a jury trial, Mr. Lowry has over 65 jury trials in his career, and is therefore adequately experienced to professionally handle any criminal defense case. His level of comfort in front of a jury is highly regarded by his peers and judges alike. If the client is incarcerated, Mr. Lowry will visit him or her often, knowing that the client has many questions and needs personal attention from their attorney.


Fort Lauderdale | Affordable Criminal Defense is a phone call away

If you are facing Misdemeanor or a felony charges in Fort Lauderdale our affordable Criminal Defense Attorneys are just a phone call away. It is important to act fast because this gives our Criminal Defense attorneys more time to prepare and defend your case. Having an experienced Criminal Defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale with prosecutor experience on your side can mean the difference between facing severe penalties and in some circumstances having your charges reduced or sometimes dismissed.


If you need an Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Contact Attorney Mark Lowry today, your consultation is free.


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