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The Process For Filing a Criminal Charge

The Process For Filing a Criminal Charge

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What Is The Process For Filing a Criminal Charge? There are numerous ways a criminal case can be conducted. In many instances, the police are acting to a tip or some other form of notification from another party that criminal activity or a crime has occurred.

In other cases, police actually observe the activity transpiring. In either instance, the police will commence their own scrutinization of the circumstances. In addition to possibly inquiring about these events and then composing a report.


On some occasions, they will take a person into custody during this process or under other circumstances, charges are instituted once a prosecutor determines an arrest should be made.

Naturally the specific method for the actual steps in the process are different depending on where the party resides. In some instances, the police possess more authority to file charges, while in others they play a much smaller role. It is important to remember, however, that in many states police are not responsible for administering charges and that is the responsibility of the prosecutor’s office.


How Does The Process Work in My Area?

As mentioned above, the distinct methods of the process are different depending on the state the action is commenced within, but the subsequent information should shed some light on the overall procedure. Do keep in my mind though, your state could employ a different format than what follows.


Is It Different In the Case of Juvenile Child?

Again, the legal system in each state varies, but throughout the nation, it is becoming much more prevalent for the victim of crime to be sheltered by the requisite jurisdiction. It is quite common for those parties to be aware of all actions within the case and to participate orally when a defendant’s punitive measures are determined.


How About When Drunk Driving is involved?

These certain cases can be quite intricate and complex. It often serves a party well to contact a lawyer whose main area of practice is specifically drunk driving, as legal representation may provide a distinct advantage when it comes to the issue of your drivers’ license and other fines pertaining to the incident.


Does Someone Convicted of a Crime Have Any Rights?

Certainly. Legislation implemented by the states in addition to the federal government protect any and all parties involved in any criminal matter.


Is a Crime Victim Allowed Certain Privileges?

As mentioned above, a current national legal trend is to protect the rights of the victims and many decide to actively participate in the pending case.


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